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get the answers you've been searching for

The programs available at "period" are handcrafted with you in mind. 

Collecting all of the life-changing information gathered from around the world, and utilizing powerful techniques that can change the way you experience your luteal phase and period, we cannot wait for you to join us in one of our online programs.

"My own health journey brought me to beautiful people, incredible knowledge and ancient wisdom that completely changed my mindset about my PMDD and Endometriosis.

In creating these coaching programs, my hope is that you find your own oasis within. You discover the things that have prevented you from feeling well, and use this information to leverage your own health journey. 

I'm here to empower you and support you, in this incredibly difficult period of your life."

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Available programs
program available

Shift your mindset, get out of the vicious cycle of your menstrual cycle and renew your mental health with our flagship program.

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Learn how to thrive with your period, and release the pain you've been stuck with, for good.


Scared of going off of the pill and how your body will react? Get the support you need in this transformative time of your life...

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