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Natalia "Nat" Fernandez, MBA, FMCHC, UKIHCA-Approved Health Coach

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Meet Nat: founder & CEO

In the spring of 2017, after months of suffering from insomnia, depressive episodes, brain fog, anxiety, and suicide ideation, Nat was diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

Harnessing her love of learning, Nat began her discovery of PMDD. She learned how to manage her "hell week" and also found ways of healing herself from this chronic medical condition. Beyond researching PMDD, Nat felt a strong desire to help improve the livelihoods of others who also struggle with premenstrual and menstrual disorders.

By tapping into the social entrepreneurial skills developed in her undergraduate degree at Flagler College, Nat created "period".

She could not just accept the fact that hardly anyone knew about PMDD in the medical community, or the menstrual health space.

And so, she was set out to change the world,

one period at a time.


"period" created optimism for Nat as she continued in her healing journey,

knowing that she could help others through her own experience and education. 

In the beginning of her healing journey, Nat often felt isolated, and quite helpless about her PMDD.

But her loving spirit and curiosity of learning more brought her out of the darkness, and into the light.


She learned that although there isn't one magic pill that can make PMDD go away for good,

we also don't have to consider PMDD as a life sentence, either.


That somewhere, there are answers, and there are ways to help treat PMDD. 

One of the resources that helped instill hope and and inspired her future would be found in Functional Medicine.

By better understanding the beauty and intelligence of her own body, she was able to have more compassion for a body that she once felt betrayed by. 

And for once, there was the possibility of a cure that might work for her, and heaps of new information just waiting to be connected, to better understand how ancient wisdom met modern science. 

Leaning into her suffering with a loving inquiry, Nat created an entirely new relationship with her mind, body and spirit. 


In Bali, Nat decided to take out her IUD (intrauterine device), and was supported by the healing energy of the island to endure a complete transformation on the inside and out.


For the next 4 months,

Nat experienced different types of therapies in the form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Himalayan Kriya Yoga, Applied Kinesiology, EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing, to name a few. 


She had to surrender to her fears surrounding her menstrual health. And through surrendering, she's been able to work with her body to heal her PMDD. 

After her experience in Bali, she realized that her suffering had a purpose-
to help others in their healing journey. 

When Nat came to this realization, it was time to wake up... to make the life she deserved to live.

It was time to access more of her resources and do the inner work to help unlock the forgotten, and unhealed parts of herself. 

As she continued to do work with the International Association for Premenstrual Disorders (IAPMD) as a Patient Insight Panelist, she brought awareness to her past traumas and thus, the subconscious longing for healing.

Throughout her travels around the world, and connecting with like-minded individuals that guided her on her accelerated healing journey, Nat completed her MBA of Sustainable Business in December 2022.


In March 2023, Nat became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). 

And today, she's here to serve others. To help transform others' experiences.

To stop normalizing suffering,

and instead help others to find their own path of transformation and self-love as they connect to their inner wisdom and intuition. 


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