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premenstrual mental health 


• educating, empowering & transforming those that bleed •

Natalia "Nat" Fernandez, founder & CEO of "period"

If you're at:

wits' end with your cycle

done with the bullsh*t that's been fed to you by conventional medicine

ready to uncover the mysteries behind your medical condition

keep reading.
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                   provides real solutions with root-cause treatments.

If you're ready to transform your cycle, then you've come to the right place!

Get ready, because we're going to transform your experience and relationship with the very thing that's caused you pain in the past: your period. 

Live your life as the powerful female you are. 

You have the ability to cure yourself of PMS, PMDD, PME, PCOS, endometriosis and more.

That healing can begin here. 
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Online Courses

For all of you seekers, and explorers ready for a new adventure, we offer online courses that are self-paced and dangerously potent for complete life transformation for your period, and beyond.

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1:1 Health Coaching

Connect with Nat 1:1 for help with getting off of birth control, balancing your hormones associated with premenstrual/menstrual health issue, creating less painful periods, and more.




If you're ready to get motivated, be excited by your next step in your healing journey, and receive support by others that know exactly what you're going through, then join GROUP for ultimate coaching, connection & transformation. 

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Online & In-Person

Speaking Events

Take your event to the next level and hear from a first-generation Cuban American, award-winning public speaker as she inspires, informs, and energizes your audience with her positive psychology and holistic approach to transformative speeches.



Detox Guide

Going Within is a 7-day detoxification guide filled with recipes, journal prompts, and exercises to transform your relationship with food, and heal yourself.

Healthy Meal

Online, Hybrid, & In-Person


Get a boost in your education of premenstrual and menstrual health to accelerate your healing journey, and redefine your own standard of health and well-being!


"period" approved cycle products

Take out all of the guessing & stressing when it comes to finding sustainable,

holistic products that are supportive of your premenstrual health & overall health


cutting edge supplements for hormonal balance

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discover herbal and plant medicine with original Scottish herbal formulas 


clicking awesome innovative & safe free-bleeding wear

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high quality essential oils for effective aromatherapy

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non-fermented chocolate packed with medicinal benefits 

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Our Purpose

Founded in 2020, as a finalist of Action Accelerator, "period" began its roots as an organization that improved the livelihoods of persons suffering from PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). Through spreading awareness of PMDD, inspiring others to create an open dialogue about PMDD, and connecting stories of PMDD through various art forms, the founder Nat, explored holistic solutions for PMDD and discovered profound answers within Functional Medicine for her own healing.

Functional Medicine, or root-cause medicine promotes holistic and deep understanding of illness and wellness, and because of this, Nat was inspired to integrate this approach to "period". Today, "period" serves as an integrative and holistic organization to help others that in need of support in their relationship to their uterus. 

"Period" is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of Good Health and Well-Being , Gender Equality, and Partnerships for the Goals. We believe that wellness is the foundation for living sustainably, that menstrual health IS health, that we need to celebrate and empower the female body via gender equity. Through our international collaboration with healers, educators, and advocates, we not only highlight different perspectives, but provide offerings that can resonate with everyone. 

“To not have your suffering recognized is an almost unbearable form of violence”

Andrei Lankov

Getting to Know the CEO

// Natalia "Nat" Fernandez (she/hers/her)  // CEO & Founder of "period" //

Natalia Fernandez is a first-generation Cuban-American, international social entrepreneur, award-winning public speaker, healer, founder and CEO of "period" and an advocate in the menstrual health space, specializing in premenstrual and menstrual disorders.


Fernandez is a graduate of the Maharishi International University, having received an MBA in Sustainable Business and is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), in partnership with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).


In her transformative journey of personal and spiritual development, Nat has lived in and visited over 16 countries, highlighting her love of learning and curiosity, which integrates into a safe, loving, and positive space for all offerings at “period”. As the CEO and founder of “period”, and having personal experiences with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and endometriosis, she offers clarity, compassion, and joy to others in their healing journey.

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upcoming speaking events

Power of Women Digital Conference | September 8-10, 2023 |

WIBS 23' : A Craft Fermentation Summit  | October 21, 2023 | 8:00AM EST

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